Summary of Rentals

Here at the Three C Ranch we offer a variety of rentals.  Select the rental category you are searching for below to find out more information and how we can meet your needs.   


Venue Rentals

Are you searching for the perfect location for your big event?  Whether it be your wedding, a birthday party, a retreat, or any other event you might be organizing we are here to make the day, week, or weekend perfect for you.  Take a look at the rental spaces and options we have set for you nestled in the foothills of the Catalina mountains.


Room Rentals & Rates

Seeking a little getaway from the city? Or just need a place to sleep before heading in to the mountains for a camping getaway?  Let us provide the optimal room(s) for you, your friends, and/or your family.  Take a look at the rooms and rates we have available for you!


Archery Range Rentals & Membership options

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Boat & Kayak Rentals

Boats and Kayaks in the desert?  That's right!  Take a spin on our mini lake with one of our water rentals.  Your views include the Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemon, and the looking over the valley of ___________.


Table and Chair Rentals

Table and chair rentals are available for onsite or offsite use.  Click here to check out the options we have for you and our rates.